General Capabilities General Consulting
Failure Analysis
Method Development
Technical Support
Document Review
Coatings Portable XRF Testing for Lead Paint, Galvanizing, Zinc Primer, Aluminum Substrate, Stainless Steel
ASTM D3359, Standard Test Methods for Measuring Adhesion by Tape Test
Coating Thickness in accordance with SSPC PA2
ASTM D4541 Pull-off Adhesion Testing
ASTM D6677 Knife Test Adhesion Testing
ASTM D2244 Color by Colorimeter
Chemical Testing for Galvanizing
Coating Identification by FTIR
Substrate Identification
Water Testing ASTM D1293, pH Measurement
ASTM D512, Chloride Content
Langelier Saturation Index
Sulfate Content
Nitrate Conent
Phosphate Content
Fluoride Content
Concrete, Mortar, and Cement Testing ASTM C1218 Water-Soluble Chloride Analysis
ASTM C1152 Acid-Soluble Chloride Analysis
Depth of carbonation
pH measurement
Admixture Identification by FTIR
ASTM C641 Aggregate Staining Potential
Moisture Content
Water-soluble Sulfate Content
Nitrate Conent
Phosphate Content
Insulation Moisture Content
Mix Proportions

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